Bach Flower Remedies

I am a qualified Bach Flower Practitioner since 2011. I am with the Dr Edward Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioners. This course took me several years to complete. 

I often use these remedies alongside my massage treatment work. These gentle remedies help clients with various negative emotional states. Some examples of these emotions would include Anger, Fear, Worry, Shock, Grief, Guilt, Possessiveness, Lack of Confidence, Irritation to people around you, disgust at your own self-body image and feeling that life has been unfair to you. 

Dr Edward Bach pioneered 38 healing flower remedies. He felt they were a unique vibrational medicine, in that like listening to music, they could 'uplift the soul'. Because people are complex, and every client is an individual, I apply a holistic approach to any consultation. An average individually tailored Bach Remedy Bottle contains around 7 flower remedies. Rescue remedy is one of the most commonly known and used essences. People commonly use this emergency essence for driving test nerves, wedding nerves, pet anxiety over fireworks and to treat shock after having received bad news. 

Taking Bach Flower Remedies is very simple, a normal prescription would be 4 drops 4 times a day in a glass of water. They can also be taken in tea or coffee. They can also be taken directly from the glass dropper onto the tongue. However, great care must be taken when doing this to avoid bacteria if the tongue touches the glass dropper. Bach Flower Remedies normally work alongside other medications. If you are in any doubt that they may interfere with medications, please consult your GP.

Please note that rescue remedy is only meant to be used for a shorter time in order for it's effectiveness to work. 

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