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Spiritual, Psychic and Guided Meditation Work

As stated earlier, I have been a holistic therapist for 18 years now. My strength has always been in healing others. I am now currently training to be a Reiki Master at Tirnanog. Drymen. 

Interlinked with my healing work has been working and learning about the Spirit World. My own personal beliefs are: Belief in God, Jesus, Angels and Spiritualism. However, I am open to many other beliefs such as Buddhism and also have an interest in Fairies and Elementals. I am of the opinion that we are all 'Jock Tamson's Bairns', meaning 'as long as you are a good person, I accept whatever your religion is'.   


For many years I sat in Psychic Personal Development circles. I have been running my own circle of around 13 people for around 3 years now. So my journey has been quite varied, absolutely magical and interesting. My current circle is online due to lockdown since March 2020 and we have continued to do our own live private group. This group has been an amazing learning curve. Every week our group starts with a Guided Meditation taken by myself. We then discuss the messages that each individual in the group receives during the meditation. We have all helped each other within the group and have had some amazing spiritual messages. My current circle is now like a very close family and it is not always too intense and we can also laugh with each other and have fun. We have practiced reading Oracle and Tarot Cards, Mediumship, Crystal Healing, Reading Tea Leaves and Spiritual Healing. Please note Angels have always been a big part of my work.


I have always been very interested in Native American Indian Culture and feel I have received help and guidance from them in the Spirit World. I include Native American Indians in one of my Guided Meditations which include Animal Totem Messages. I
have also learned to do Native American Drum Healing, which I can now incorporate into some of my Healing Therapies. 

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Due to lockdown, I started practicing Oracle and Tarot Card Readings on a weekly basis; where I actually dealt the cards for the client myself. Initially in our group circle, we read each other, then we progressed to reading complete strangers. My Card Reading has improved immensely so I guess this has become a huge positive in my life. 

I am now offering Personal Life Guidance/Card Readings. Due to the 
current lockdown restrictions, I have been doing the following readings over the phone which have been working very well:

4 Cards for 40 minutes at £25

8 Cards for 80 minutes at £35

Combined Tea Leaf & Card Reading (using 3 cards) for 40 minutes at £35


The cards I deal for you in your reading are from various packs that I have collected over the years. Some will be Oracle Cards and some will be Tarot Cards. In order to book your reading, I will require your mobile phone number, your e-Mail address and a facial photograph of yourself. The reason I require this information is that I will send you photographs of your card reading in advance. I will psychically tune into your photograph which should further enhance your reading. The e-Mail address is required should there be any problems with Facebook and/or Facebook Messenger.


Tea Leaf Readings plus Cards

For months, I have been reading tea leaf cups from photographs. It is quite simple to do, all you require is ideally a cup which has a light colour inside (e.g. white) and some loose tea (tea bags are not required). There are many methods for this process of divination online, however I like to keep mine's fairly simple.

As you would normally, pour boiling water over a tablespoon of loose tea in your cup with no tea strainer. Allow it to cool for for 5 minutes and then drink the tea down (n.b. avoiding drinking the actual tea leaves as much as possible which can be tricky. Make sure there is still around 1 tablespoon of liquid left alongside the tea leaves) in the cup until there is about one tablespoon of liquid left. Swirl the cup 3 times at your chest/heart level in a clockwise direction.

Now using a saucer which has a piece of kitchen roll on it, upturn the cup onto the kitchen roll on the saucer. This will now have given us your tea leaf reading. Placing the handle of the cup to the left, now take a photograph of the cup. You can now send the image to myself via e-Mail or Facebook Messenger. 

The special price for the combined tea leaf and card reading is £35.

Again with the card readings, the photograph will be sent from yourself in advance of your appointment. 


Combined Tea Leaf Reading and 3 Card Reading

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Good cost of £35.

4 Card Reading


For 40 minutes at the price of £25.

8 Card Reading

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For 80 minutes at the price of £35.


I hope that you have enjoyed my Holistic/Psychic/Spiritual page. 
Please feel free to read any of the Reviews/Testimonials below.
Thank you.


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