Please note that my booking system is online but in order to book, my preference should be that you please contact me ideally via Facebook Messenger (the quickest way to contact me currently) or via the email address or our landline. It's important that you know that our landline has a BT Call Guardian system in place, so therefore please leave your name and phone number in order for me to phone you back. Thanks in advance for this.

Another important reason for me having your email or WhatsApp is that I will be able to send you updates, offers (including special offers) and you will be able to receive the photographs of the card readings. You will also be able to send me your photograph for the psychic work. 

Please note that payments in future from Tuesday the 18th of January 2022 will only be accepted via cash offline or PayPal online (PayPal email address will be supplied during the conversation we will have via telephone or email).


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